Threatened Species Collaborative Quilt

My latest art project is working with Australian collaborators to make a patched quilt highlighting threatened species of the A.C.T. The ‘quilt’ and corresponding book will be presented to the ACT Government (Minister Vassarotti) on September 7th in recognition of Threatened Species Day. Presentation and afternoon tea will be held at The Link, Gininderry. I am also aiming to run some workshops at this venue for the general public on the theme of ACT’s threatened species. Click here to view the species recognised in the quilt.

In early March 2023 I ran a successful campaign to locate collaborators through social media. In late March all collaborators received a pack of fabrics, embellishments and instructions about their patch, species allocated and details about the project.

During April, May and June of 2023 collaborators are making their patches. Also during this time I am holding Making Sessions in my studio to provide an avenue for communal activities (asking questions, swapping ideas and fabrics, etc).

All species are valuable in an ecology and many seem insignificant. It may only be after they are gone/ in few numbers that their valuable contribution is fully understood.
A solo exhibition Remnants, at CCAS Manuka in 2018, was the basis for this project's concept